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Agent Information

Homestay Direct Services prides itself in offering quality and informative Homestay services, for all students and study tour groups.

  1. Schools and universities are available for study tours
  2. Special programs to suit your business needs
  3. Experienced host families for study tours and individual students
  4. Excursions and activities
  5. Travel to other cities


If you are a representative or an agent for international students and would like to know more about what we can do for you, please call (+61) 0404 904 723 or email jan@homestaydirect.com.au
Study Tours available for all ages

  1. Study English at schools/colleges
  2. Local school visits
  3. Communicating with local students
  4. Travel maps, guides and local public transport ticket or homestay pick-up between    family and school (limited area)
  5. Airport transfers if required
  6. Excursions according to young students’ interests
  7. Site tours, gold mining, 12 Apostles, Little Penguins, local animals etc.
  8. Activities with Homestay families
  9. Travel to other cities, Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast

Rates and fees will be negotiated directly with you, to suit your budget.



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