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Homestay Direct Services offers Group Study Tours to

  • Primary school aged students above the age of 11 years
  • Secondary school aged students
  • Adult business and educational tours
  • Homestay Direct Services offers affordable short term homestay accommodation for group study tours in Melbourne.

Group Study Tours are all about

The Experience, Educate & Explore

Group Study Tours are designed to expose participants to as many elements of the experience as possible.We provide group study tours for students and adults and it is an experience that cannot be taught – only experienced

providing a unique education experience

We work very closely with the introducing agent and or school to provide the most memorable experience for the students participating in the tour

offering groups the opportunity to travel and explore

Homestay Direct Service can also arrange private airport transportation on day of arrival and departure and any other excursion transportation

offering the opportunity to immerse into a different culture

Participating in an international Group Study Tour can create a new self -esteem, exchange cultural differences, and create lifelong memories and friendships

creating wonderful friendships

For students participating in a Group Study Tour means a lot more than just leaving their normal school grounds

creating happy memories

Group study tour programs provide a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights to students from around the world and enables the experience of becoming immersed in the Australian culture

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