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Frequently Asked Question's


For prospective guests not familiar with homestay accommodation Here are a few frequently asked questions

Homestay is an affordable alternative accommodation which provides an opportunity to stay with a local family for a monthly fee. Our hosts all have their own unique interests and hobbies and guests often find a host with similar interests which further complements the homestay experience and in many cases lifelong friendships are developed long after the stay has ended.

Homestay accommodation is an affordable accommodation alternative, ideal for students and independent leisure travellers of all ages. It allows guests to experience the local community and culture in the place they are visiting.

Guests can choose whether they book accommodation only or they can request to have meals provided in their package

Generally no due to safety and insurance reasons. Permission would need to granted by the individual host which could vary from home to home

The answer is yes – but before departing your accommodation it is wise to leave the host with a forwarding address so mail can be forwarded on to you

The answer is yes – once you have received the confidential host profile. Host contact details are noted on the profile. The profile is an introduction between the host and you.

Guests can choose their length of stay. This can be for a period from 2 weeks to 12 months or longer. There is always the option to extend

No not at all. With language translators communication becomes very easy

Just notify Homestay Direct Services prior to your arrival as well as your host

All fees must be paid in advance and if guests require a booking for longer than 8 weeks then payment options are available upon request.

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