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About Us

Homestay Direct Services is a family

Homestay Direct Services is an Australian based owned and operated student accommodation provider and we have been operating for over 25 years. We have gained our knowledge and experience over the years  by assisting students and agencies from around the globe.




Professionalism involves being reliable, setting our own high standards, and showing that we care about every aspect of the service we provide to our students. We ensure our students have a great homestay experience.




Homestay Direct Services believes in remaining focused on the service we provide and always moving forwards and being open minded to new ideas. Staying focused is our mission and to follow the pursuit of excellence.




Homestay Direct Service remains committed to it’s work ethics and level of enthusiasm towards assisting it’s students. We focus on our responsibility, our vision and our goals to ensure our students are happy and settled.

Living with an 'Australian' family and learning about the Australian lifestyle and culture is the ideal homestay experience.

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Since 2006

We have been operating since 2006 we have worked hard over the years to establish a good reputation within the student homestay accommodation industry. We are proud of our reputation and we offer a personalised supportive 24 hours service to our agencies, schools, students and hosts alike no matter where you are located. You can be living in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth and we will still take care of you and support you. 

Each city has something wonderful exciting and different to offer and each city has excellent education providers so the choice is yours to come on this exciting journey with us.

communication is key

Homestay Accommodation

making a start

For students choosing to live with a homestay family in Australia instead of independent living type student accommodation it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Australian culture, share life with your host, enhance your English language skills in relaxed conversations and at the same still maintain your own privacy independence and freedom

Choosing homestay accommodation can often work out cheaper than choosing to live in an independent style student accommodation. Homestay is much more than just renting a room so why not come and compare the difference.

get to know each other

Both international education and accommodation have a unique parallel in the sense that choosing to live in a secure homestyle accommodation with Homestay Direct Services, whilst studying, brings your experience together because you arrive as a stranger and you leave as friends.

understanding your plans

Take control of your plans - Choosing the right safe style accommodation is just as important as choosing your study course. So come and travel and study in Australia. Let us help you to accelerate and amplify the greatness of living in a homestay style accommodation.

determining your goals

It provides you with a focus when you set your goals and you take control of your life and It provides you with a focus. The decision you make about your accommodation is very important and Homestay Direct Services is here to help you. If It matters to you then it matters to us

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way