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Student Guidelines

Accommodation & Services
Fully furnished bedroom includes a study desk a chair and lamp. All gas, electricity and water
services are supplied to the student at no extra cost (rules apply) Bed linen, towels, toilet
paper and soap are to be supplied by the host family. Students must supply their own
shampoo, conditioner and personal toiletries. Laundry facilities are to be made available for students use.

Homestay host is to provide to you with 2 meals per day – breakfast & dinner and 3 meals on weekends.

  • Breakfast – self serve - prepared by you, choices should be discussed with your homestay host.
  • Lunch – self serve on weekends only.
  • Dinner - your homestay host will provide a cooked meal. You should inform your host if you will be not home or will be late.

Please ensure your homestay host takes you food shopping, allowing you to make some choices of food preferences.

Telephone & Internet
Students must pay for all local, STD and international calls. If Internet use is available, students must pay for this service at a rate negotiated by both you and your host family. Please check with your host family about their download facility; as extra costs may incur if download has exceeded Internet limits.

We recommend a student purchases their own pre-paid internet USB as this will enable students to manage their own internet usage.

Water Usage
Australia is a dry country and you should always be mindful about your water usage. At times the Government has applied to each city very strict water restrictions. Please discuss this with your host family. You should never leave taps running or waste water.

The average student resides in their bedroom from 6am- 8am and 5pm-11pm (8 hours per
day). Heating is expected at these times with no additional charge to the student. Additional charges may apply to supplementary heating beyond the average hours.

Living with a homestay...

  • Please treat your Homestay host with respect as you would your own family
  • Host family will escort student on public transport to and from school on their first day and will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the local transport systems.
  • Students are to keep their room in a tidy condition.
  • Student should request permission to use telephone and Internet & discuss charges with your host.
  • Student should try to participate in the preparation at meal times, i.e. set table, assist in kitchen with the dishes etc.
  • You are required to advise your host if you are not coming home for dinner.
  • Students are not to smoke inside their room, unless agreed upon with homestay host.
  • Student must follow host family rules.
  • If student is away from their home for more than 1 week, a holding fee will apply per week please advise our office if you are going away and wish to keep your room.
  • You must advise your host and the Homestay Direct office two weeks before you intend to move out.
  • Your bedroom is your own private area; you have the right to ask anyone to leave your room.
  • Some homestay providers feel it is not polite to help yourself to food from refrigerator or pantry. Please discuss this with your host first.
  • In Australia, women and men are treated equal. Women must be given the same respect as men.

Please fill the application form online or Email us at jan@homestaydirect.com.au for a student application form to be sent to you.

Your Application will be processed and an email will be sent to you for confirmation of your booking Please note that all fees are payable before arrival.

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