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Who do I call when my student is sick?

If your student becomes ill, a duty of care applies, please assist your student to the local doctor or hospital.  The school that your student is attending should be notified. All students travelling to Australia have Health Insurance. Our office does not need to be notified of any illness unless it is of serious nature and Parents need to be contacted.

What do I do if my student has not come home for dinner and has made no contact?

If your student has not contacted you and told you of their whereabouts, then there is nothing you can do until the student arrives home.  We would ask of you to explain to the student that it is a sign of respect and courtesy to advise you if they are not coming home for dinner – students must learn this simple rule that applies to homestay accommodation.

Who do I call if my student has not arrived at the expected time?

Please call our office 03 9670 3133 or our afterhours number on 0404 907 423 – if this call is not answered please leave a message and the situation will be attended to along with a return call, please always leave your return number and student name.

What happens if my student leaves before the minimum booking?

Student must have valid reasons for leaving.

If students have to travel home due to personal reasons, then we would strongly advise for you to consider the circumstances and refund the student an agreeable amount.

If the student leaves with no communication no refund is given. 

Is my student eligible for concession on our public transport system?

International students do not qualify for Student Concession. Please refer to your state’s public transport website.

What do I do if I don’t have internet access at home?

We recommend you show your student to the nearest internet service outlet and suggest to the student that they purchase a pre-paid internet USB, students are then able monitor their own usage and can access the internet anywhere they please.
(this could be done when helping students organise a local sim card for their phone)

What if my student wishes to extend their stay?

Please discuss with your student their intentions once they have settled into your home. If you are happy to continue to provide homestay to your student, you should offer an extension of homestay directly to them. If both parties decide to continue on with homestay, please direct the student to contact our office to continue on with their payments

When will I be paid for hosting student?

All hosts are paid within 7 to 10 days after arrival. Preferred method of payment is via direct debit please ensure we have your correct bank detail, payment by cheque is also possible upon request.

What should I do when my student arrives?

You must confirm the arrival of your student back to our office.

Please call 03 9670 3133 or email us.

What if I cannot take my student  to  and from school on first day?

You must arrange to show your student the local transport and how to buy a ticket etc... We do require you to take student or have someone responsible show them how to get to and from their school. Please put yourself in same position! We don’t want any student lost on their first day!

What if I cannot be home for student arrival?

You must organize somebody to be at your home to meet the student upon, ask your neighbor, friend or a family member if you cannot be home yourself. Or arrange a key and note for the student.


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