Homestay Host

Homestay Direct Service welcomes you as a representative of our agency to accommodate a national or international student into your home. We invite new and or already experienced hosts who are willing to welcome students into their homes and exchange cultures. A reimbursement fee will be paid in return.

Usually an international student has chosen to live in a homestay style of accommodation because they want to learn English and become familiar with our Australian culture and learn about our cities whilst being looked after in a safe and caring environment. Becoming a host family should not only be viewed as an opportunity to earn an income by providing a service but also as an opportunity to help their guests to settle into our country.

Students come from all over the world, and our western cultures are very different to theirs but there is no right or wrong – just different. The host family plays a vital role in the successful stay of a student coming to live with them. When international students are looking for accommodation when they come to Australia to study they either choose to live in a welcoming homestay environment or they choose to stay in independent student accommodation. Living with a homestay family offers so much support and companionship.


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